About Ourselves

Bangladesh Numismatic Collectors Society (BNCS) is an attempt to unite and organize individuals who have adopted coin or paper note collection as their hobby. Besides arranging meetings or discussions over coin/paper note collection and facilitate room and other necessity for numismatic auctions, we organize numismatic exhibitions time to time. Any interested person is most welcome to join our family. Also, we will highly appreciate any suggestion, recommendation or comment to support our endeavor to spread the hobby over the country.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Message from the President, BNCS

Message from the President, BNCS

Amalendra Saha

Hobby is an activity which gives amusement and recreation to all. There are some hobbies which are educative. Besides that hobby is an effective  instrument against any kind of illegal and unwanted activity. A hobbyist would rarely be addicted to drug, unlikely to be involved in terrorist activity, hardly to commit any illegal activity and seldom suffer from loneliness and mental depression which ultimately leads to suicidal tendency. In this modern world in most of the cases single family & single parent children and elderly people suffer from loneliness and mental depression. Hobby is the best friend and companion to them. So I would request you to adopt any  hobby and to let your kids to do the same.

I dream of a day when " National Hobby Day " would be proclaimed by the governments of all countries and " World Hobby Day " would be declared and a day would be marked for celebration by the UN to inspire people to adopt a hobby which would bring peace and well-being for the mankind. With that view we have been trying to build up " Hobby Movement " in the country with an intention to spread the idea to the whole world. I hope you would support our effort for the betterment of our future world and join to this movement.

Numismatic ( Coin / Banknote / Token / Medal ) collection is one of the most important hobbies. Once it was called the Hobby of the Kings - now it is called the King of Hobbies. If any body adopts numismatic collection as hobby he / she would be most welcome and I earnestly invite him / her to be the member of the BNCS.

Thanks and best wishes to all.

Message from the General Secretary, BNCS

Message from  the General Secretary, BNCS

Mr. Kashem